Reviews & Press

“Pascalito is always full of surprises and his worldly ways with words and melodies have a unique way of winning over the ears”
Dan Bilwasky – All About Jazz

“A fresh sounding voice … haunting and luminous”
George W. Harris – Jazz Weekly

“An all-around entertainer for adult tastes, Pascalito once again just plain nails it”
Chris Spector – Midwest Records

“A French Gothamite, young singer Pascalito plies his light, handsome voice in a breezy mix of bossa nova, musette, jazz and pop with a smooth-rolling band”
Time Out New York

“Light, rich voice… at once a fine pop-jazz stylist, a superb storyteller and multicultural music anthropologist”
(read the full column that put Pascalito on the map)
Christopher Loudon – Jazz Times Magazine

“Unique position in the music business … a melting pot of delicious musical morsels from around the world”
Dan Bilawsky – All About Jazz 

“I love Pascalito. He sings with such warmth and charm. And he has fabulous taste in repertoire, as well as being a very talented composer in his own right.”
Tessa Souter – Jazz vocalist – Motema label artist

“A pleasant voice that recalls Aznavour and Caetano Veloso with a hint of Chet Baker… Pascalito offers a wide range of styles and successful bridging of Mediterranean and Latin musical cultures that is the perfect cure for the winter blahs”
Brad Walseth – Jazz Chicago

“Pascalito has recorded a beautiful album, reminiscent of the soundtrack for the classic French film ‘Un Homme et une Femme”
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“Pascalito envoûte le Metropolitan Room”
Alexis Buisson – French Morning

“Músico francês faz sucesso cantando Bossa Nova”
Comunidade News

Pascalito elected member of the month and interviewed by Euro Circle NYC (Nov 2013)
Eurocircle New York – Kaisa Kokkonen and Alexandra Spirer

“Charming, funny, witty, graceful, touching, like his brilliant accompanist/arranger Luiz Simas, Pascalito is fast becoming a marvelous showman. Together they embrace joy, warmth, love and camaraderie with marvelous voices and exquisite musicianship”
Amanda Stevenson – Critic / Publicist / Songwriter (Full review posted on Facebook)

“This handsome young man seduces us with the clarity of his vocal prowess and the sensual sound of his own compositions. Beautiful music, beautifully performed”
Grady Harp – Amazon

“Singing in both English and French, Pascalito mixes bossa nova grooves with chanson, bohemian folk and latin pop on this wide ranging and slick release. Purposely trying to reach as many diverse ears as possible, Pascalito makes a disc sound like an indie radio station.”
George W. Harris – 

“A genre blender international popper, very much in the pocket for urbane tastes, this is a mix of Now Sound and back alley sophistication that just might define where the next bunch of hipsters is coming from. Check it out when your needle is set for audio adventure”
Chris Spector – Midwest Record 

 “Suavemente. Le poète New Yorkais”
French Morning July 2007