The Picture of Rafael (expected release Spring 2018)


Selected Tracks


  1. The Picture of Rafael Ohayon Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 4:17
  2. Medley: The Meaning of the Blues / Il ne faut pas briser un rêve Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 4:43
  3. Everybody's talking Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 4:29
  4. Citizen Chanteur: An American Fiction feat Tessa Souter Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 4:45
  5. Med Summer Night Dream (La Pluie sur ta Peau) Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 5:50
  6. Selfless Clown Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 4:38
  7. Medley: Secret Marriage (An den Kleinen Apparat) / Les enfants qui s'aiment Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet 3:18
  8. 12 Rafael's Theme Pascalito El Sab Neostalgia Quartet 2:41

The Picture of Rafael is Pascalito’s fifth CD release to date. This new soulful project, recorded in Brooklyn, gathers an international cast of top-notch accompanists and guests, featuring Brazilian pianist-arranger Luiz Simas, bassist Leco Reis (also Brazilian), Israeli drummer Nadav Zelniker, Polish flutist Barbara Blonska and Anglo-Trinidadian jazz vocalist Tessa Souter, who sings on two duets. Like Pascalito’s previous albums, The Picture of Rafael (Le Portrait de Rafaël) showcases an eclectic and bilingual repertoire filled with inspired compositions, imaginative covers and heartfelt interpretations in both English and French. 7 out of the 11 songs are written or co-written by Pascalito who demonstrates a knack for catchy melodic tunes and evocative lyrics. His original material explores the themes of family bonds, love, exile, cultural heritage, resilience and relentless artistic pursuit. The album is a vibrant homage to the artist’s maternal grandfather, a North African-born Jewish singer and poet who was arrested in Paris and deported to Auschwitz in the early 40’s.  Non-standard covers complete The Picture and revisit very different and rare pre- and post-war gems from both sides of the Atlantic. Through globe-trotting collages, Pascalito blurs lines, seamlessly shifts gears and switches passports while celebrating musical and cinematic influences of his past. The Picture of Rafael’s atmospheric mosaic is channeled through Pascalito’s rich, warm vocal delivery, musical director Luiz Simas’ elegant arrangements and their shared passionate and genre-defying musical vision.

Track Listing

1) The Picture of Rafael Ohayon
Pascal Sabattier – Luiz Simas
2) Medley: The Meaning of the Blues / Il ne faut pas briser un rêve
Bobby Troup – Leah Worth / Jean Jal
3) Citizen Chanteur: An American Fiction feat Tessa Souter
Pascal Sabattier – Luiz Simas
4) Everybody’s talking Fred Neil
5) Tango de Non Retour {Arabesque version} Pascal Sabattier
6) Le Cinéma
Claude Nougaro – Michel Legrand
7) Solestalgia feat Tessa Souter  Pascal Sabattier
8) Med Summer Night Dream {La Pluie sur ta Peau}
Pascal Sabattier – Thomas Foyer 
9) Selfless Clown
Pascal Sabattier – Luiz Simas
10) Medley: Secret Marriage {An den Kleinen Radioapparat} / Les enfants qui s’aiment
Sting – Bertolt Brecht – Hanns Eisler / Jacques Prévert – Joseph Kosma
11) Rafael’s Theme
Pascal Sabattier – Luiz Simas