Lost and Found family: the story behind The Picture of Rafael

January, 2018: Somewhere between Paris, Cairo, Strasbourg and New York….

My new album project The Picture of Rafael (Le Portrait de Rafaël), scheduled for release this year, was inspired by a special connection and an incredible discovery I made in the spring of 2015, while I was still living permanently in New York. On […]

Embraced by the French with Open Harms (Concert Review)

Nancy Harms “Ellington at Night” CD release concert @ New Morning, Paris September 17, 2016

Note: This review was originally published in Jazz Times online section on September 28, 2016 and recently posted and updated on this blog in honor Nancy’s second triumphant concert in Paris @ Duc des Lombards Jazz Club on March 7, […]

Parisian again

Ever since I started doing music more seriously, I tried to define my multicultural identity, influences and style. I then came up with the following caption “Mediterranean by heart. Parisian by birth. New Yorker by choice. Latin by soul.” My friends said no PR could have done a better job :-). Well in June I […]