Citizen Chanteur Live in NYC Feat Neostalgia Trio


Selected Tracks


  1. Bossa Nova City Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:38
  2. Tango de Non Retour Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:00
  3. Nature Boy Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 4:26
  4. Le Cinema Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 4:35
  5. Medley Gloomy Sunday - Manha de Carnaval Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:37
  6. Le Blues de la Fleuriste Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 4:51
  7. La Pluie sur ta Peau Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:45
  8. Les Mots Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 3:02
  9. Histoire d'un amour Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 4:00
  10. Here Comes The Rain Again Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:37
  11. Citizen Chanteur Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:39
  12. Les Paroles Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 4:38
  13. Selfless Clown Pascalito Neostalgia Trio 5:12

The timeless and transatlantic musical journey from the previous live EP Forbidden Colours continues with the lengthier and more interactive Citizen Chanteur Live in NYC. The disc captures an intimate evening show premiered at the Metropolitan Room and features the band as a trio. Backed by two vibrant Brazilian accompanists and performing for a warm cosmopolitan audience, Pascalito celebrates a musical melting pot inspired by his Mediterranean-European heritage, North American jazz and Latin influences. A wide ranging set list includes both old and new original material mixed with refreshing tributes. Evocating themes of wanderlust and reinvention, autobiographical compositions like “Bossa Nova City” and the show title song “Citizen Chanteur” perhaps best illustrate Pascalito-coined concept of Neostalgia. Reinterpreting the works of singular artists as various as Billie Holiday, Michel Legrand, Claude Nougaro, Henri Salvador, Luiz Bonfa, Annie Lennox and the late Egyptian-born international songbird Dalida, the world chanteur appears as a hybrid of showman and “multicultural music anthropologist” (Jazz Times).

Released in March 2015

Track Listing

  1. Bossa Nova City (P. Sabattier)
  2. Tango de Non Retour (P. Sabattier)
  3. Nature Boy (E. Abhez)
  4. Le Cinéma (C. Nougaro – M. Legrand)
  5. Medley: Gloomy Sunday / Manha de Carnaval / Chanson d’Orphée
    (R. Seress – L. Javor – S. Lewis – L. Bonfa – A.Maria – F.Llenas)
  6. Le Blues de la Fleuriste (P. Sabattier)
  7. La Pluie sur ta Peau (P. Sabattier – T. Foyer)
  8. Les Mots (C.Nougaro – D. Goyonne)
  9. Histoire d’un Amour (C.E. Amarrant – F.Blanche)
  10. Here Comes the Rain Again (A. Lennox – D. Stewart)
  11. Syracuse (H. Salvador – B. Dimey)
  12. Citizen Chanteur (P. Sabattier – L. Simas)
  13. Les Paroles, Paroles (G.Ferrio – Chiosso – Michaele
    Tribute to Dalida (adapt L. Simas – P.Sabattier)
  14. Selfess Clown (P. Sabattier – L. Simas)