Parisian again

Ever since I started doing music more seriously, I tried to define my multicultural identity, influences and style.  I then came up with the following caption “Mediterranean by heart. Parisian by birth. New Yorker by choice. Latin by soul.” My friends said no PR could have done a better job :-). Well in June I will be Parisian again, or Parisian for the first time. I have never performed in my hometown after all these years living in the Big Apple. On my birthday I will be given the opportunity to hit the stage of one of the best and coolest jazz clubs in town, Sunset Sunside, 60 rue des Lombards. My pianist and musical director Luiz touring Europe around the same time will be there and is just as excited as I am. I could have billed the show “A (Franco) American in Paris” as I am now a naturalized Americano. Instead I chose the title of my latest album and original song, the bilingual “Citizen Chanteur” that narrates my personal transatlantic journey. The opening verse in the lyrics says:

“I’m heading back to my hometown
Where people truly care about you
They cheer you up when you are down
Somehow they always knew…

In your quest of breaking grounds
Laurels would come with strange fruits
But when it comes to being crowned
You’d go back to your roots”

Speaking of “laurels”, it’s not like  I have been resting on mine, I have worked hard and I am happy to present my work to a new audience. As for “being crowned”, well I don’t know it will be a successful show filled with a massive audience and followed by raving reviews, but I know that some precious people will be there, my mother, my family, my  girl, my childhood friends, classmates, and all those who love me and have believed in me as long as I can remember. That alone will be utterly rewarding and heartwarming. I can’t wait. And to paraphrase and slightly twist one of the most celebrated and exotic adopted Parisian American chanteuse Josephine Baker: “J’ai deux amours, ce pays et mon Paris!”

A bientôt